About Sarah


Hi! I’m Sarah Jose, a plant science PhD student at the University of Bristol.

This blog is dedicated to all those people who think plants are boring. I’ll take breaking news in the plant science world and let you know why you should care!

My own research is about how plants can conserve water, combining the effects of their waxy surfaces with the number of pores they have on their leaves (stomata). Read more about it here.

I am an environmental blogger for the Cabot Institute at the University, a writer for the student science magazine Synapse and a twitterer (@Josesci). You can find some of my other writing here.


One thought on “About Sarah

  1. I just found your blog and I’ve never thought plants were boring. What I’ve read so far, I love! I’ll be taking the information I learn here and use it to informally teach others (mostly kids but also some adults who love sharing with their kids).
    Love that this is science-based as I’ve always enjoyed the sciences but especially biology. Thank you so much for writing about plants! (My email address is taken from both the life cycle of brophytes and our website named after leafy seadragons.)

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